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To celebrate the release of the Katz Island, we’re giving away a signed paperback of the book, a dragon journal, a dragon bookmark, and a coconut beach candle!

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About Katz Island



On the planet Dharaven, archaeologist Grey Dawn Fields—born to the Earth Dragon Clan—leads a team of explorers and archaeologists into the wilds of Katz Island. She is searching for an underground Human settlement, promised by an ancient map she discovered in an antiquarian store.

The problems start soon after their arrival on Katz Island. They find little in the first valley ground searches, and the expedition is forced to wonder why they are even there. The second valley shows signs of very old habitation in its cliff caverns; promising, but still not what Grey is looking for.

A hungry Earth Dragon attacks the second base camp looking for food, then dies leaving a baby Earth Dragon behind; Grey quickly realizes she has trouble on her hands. Between training a baby Earth Dragon and her archaeology expedition duties, Grey is required to stretch her problem-solving capabilities to the limit. She is eventually forced to rely on her friends, colleagues, and even her Earth Dragon Clan for help.

Is there an ancient Human underground settlement on Katz Island, or is Grey on a crazy quest to find something that doesn’t actually exist? Grey’s archaeology career and the fate of the young Earth Dragon rest on her ability to overcome every obstacle in her way.

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