We make marketing easy! At Fiction-Atlas, we are just a little bit obsessed with marketing! We have been working successfully with hundreds of Fantasy and Science Fiction authors in numerous sub-genres for over three years now! Hire us to grow your social media or newsletter presence, to spread the word about your new release, to run a killer giveaway, wow your guests at your Facebook launch party, book interviews and appearances, or even find you the best newsletter swaps in your genre! Get better results by catering to readers with similar interests. Our social reach is extensive, organic, and targeted.

You may order any of these P.R. packages or work with us to create a custom package by using the contact form here: https://fiction-atlas.com/contact-me

We’d also love for you to try out our immensely popular group author builders where we work with you and other authors in your genre to help everyone succeed!
We hope you’ll join the group and tell your friends! https://facebook.com/groups/fabuildandpromo
You can see more details about group builders below or in the FAQ section of the group.
And don’t forget to check out our client reviews at the bottom of this page!

Pre-order/New Release package

The book must be marketable with a good cover. A minimum of 4 weeks is required to book this package. This can be 4 weeks before your book is set to publish or 2 weeks before your book is set to launch plus the release week and the week after. If your book is a new release, we can just do 4 weeks from your desired booking time. I suggest a time frame of 4-8 weeks for optimal results. 

The following are included in this package:

  • General advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • 1 viral tweet (50 or more RTs)
  • 1 animated GIF featuring your book cover
  • Universal link creation
  • 1 Pre-order contest (You provide the prizes. I can help you find the perfect prizes to offer on a  budget.)
  • Social media profile promotion (gain likes, follows, subscribers)
  • Newsletter swap/feature arrangement
  • Coaching on the best paid and free advertisements and techniques for your genre

This package is $60 per week. This can be paid weekly via invoice or via a one-time payment.

General Advertising

This would include me posting in over 100 groups multiple times throughout the week, posting to Twitter, Instagram, and encouraging people to buy on my author page, publishing page, and personal page. I charge $35 for 7 days. If you need me to make graphics, I can do those for $5 per graphic to help you promote. The graphics would be yours to use as you please after the end of my promotion. I have a pretty large network of authors, bloggers, and readers.

Cover Reveals/Release Blitz

For all new releases and discounted books, I will organize cover reveal and release blitz posts with bloggers and distribute pdfs to each participating blogger being sure to follow up with them to make sure they have posted the information by the scheduled time and date.

These services start at $25 and increase depending on the target number of bloggers wanted and the number of services requested.

Group Author Builders

Authors, are you looking for opportunities to build your followers on all social media platforms + newsletters? My marketing group Fiction-Atlas Author Builders runs MULTIPLE promos! All services are AFFORDABLE with NO BASE PRICES OVER $25! We gain Bookbub followers in HUGE numbers (generally 300-800 followers per promo). Our newsletter and social media promotions are TARGETED so you get QUALITY followers and subscribers interested in your books NOT new iPads. Typical newsletter subscriber results are .02-.05 per subscriber and between 600-1,800 GENRE TARGETED subscribers! We also take direction from YOU by hosting polls so you can decide what genre you want targeted, what platform you want to build, and what prizes you want to offer!
We hope you’ll join the group and tell your friends!


Giveaways are a great way to network with other authors and to grow your social media presence or newsletter list. Each giveaway I host involves me giving away items that are targeted toward your relevant audience! I will help you pick out prizes that will complement your books and brand without breaking your bank! I will then make an eye-catching graphic with photos of the prizes and set up a giveaway through Gleam. The giveaway will promote all of your social media platforms, your newsletter, the book or books you’re wanting to get eyes on and will include viral referral options to ensure that the contest is spread far and wide! This service is $35 (plus the price of prizes).

Facebook Parties/Events

Facebook events are a great way to market your book and your author brand.

Here are the services I provide for each party:

I design graphics for the header photo and the welcome and thank you posts.
I also track down authors that would like to participate in the event and schedule takeovers.
I can set up a Rafflecopter giveaway and give away some prizes that will attract people to the party and make them more aware of your book.

I can also actually host the party, and then you don’t have to do anything at all unless you want to do a takeover slot. This would include me coordinating with the authors and making sure that everyone is there when they are scheduled. I will also introduce them and then thank them at the end of their takeover slot.

For the party, I charge $100 for setup. If you want me to host the party, it’s $10 for every hour I host. I can do parties for up to 3 days. 10 hours a day is the most I am able to schedule.


Client Reviews

  • Jonathon Mcelhaney AvatarJonathon Mcelhaney

    positive review  I absolutely love Courtney Cannon and fiction atlas builders! She always goes out of her way for and always answers my questions! Plus the results are simply amazing!

    Anne Goetz AvatarAnne Goetz

    positive review  A small investment yields terrific results! I've participated in several builders, and they're always hugely successful 🙂

  • Monique-Marie DeJong AvatarMonique-Marie DeJong

    positive review  I enlisted Courtney's support when I was working with one of my clients on a book, and I am so glad I did! She gave us a quick turnaround, professional service, a very affordable rate, and, most importantly, an exceptional critique with lots of useful feedback and many suggestions for making the writing even better. She also pointed out what she thought was already brilliant, which was reassuring and helpful. I highly recommend Courtney's services!

    Dawn Taylor AvatarDawn Taylor

    positive review  Courtney solved my formatting problem within minutes. She is so helpful.

  • Josh Chadd AvatarJosh Chadd

    I used the Author Page Invites service as a cheap and easy way to gain some likes/followers on Facebook. What can I say about this but it worked AWESOMELY! She has gone above and beyond what I was hoping for and I definitely got my money's worth. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get some new likes on your Author Page, that may turn into fans, then you need to look into this service. I know I'll be using it a couple of more times!!!

    Sabetha Danes AvatarSabetha Danes

    positive review  The best newsletter builders I've ever been apart of. Well priced, and a huge variety in themes. A must use for all authors looking to build their audience. I can't rave enough about how well organized everything is. Courtney is responsive, and fantastic! I couldn't imagine anything that would make them better. Put your trust in her and you won't regret it. Join Fiction-Atlas Author Builders and watch your reach grow!

  • Mae Raylene AvatarMae Raylene

    positive review  Courtney did a remarkable job editing "It's Never Water Under the Bridge." Her attention to detail is amazing and I recommend her for all your editing needs.

    Tracie Podger AvatarTracie Podger

    positive review  Highly recommend Fiction Atlas Press for builders. I've taken part in a Bookbub builder and thought the whole process to be very well organised. The prizes on offer are substantial and well worth the entry conditions. I'm always a little hesitant with builders where there are a lot of authors involved but the one I've taken part in has squashed that thought.

  • Nicky Gill AvatarNicky Gill

    positive review  I would absolutely recommend Fiction-Atlas Press! Since joining the NL and Bookbub builders my subscriber/reader list has grown significantly. They are always creating and sharing exciting new builders for every genre you can think of.

    Rebecca Lennard AvatarRebecca Lennard

    positive review  This is a brilliant service for connecting authors to readers. Highly recommended.

  • Robert Owings AvatarRobert Owings

    positive review  Just completed going through the Courtney's critic for one of my up-coming novels and found her edits and suggestions exceptional. I've worked with numerous editors over the years and she's absolutely the BEST I've encountered by far. Definitely will use her gifted service in the future. Fiction is a particularly daunting field to publish in so a writer needs a talented support team to manifest success. Add Courtney to your team.

    Alathia Morgan AvatarAlathia Morgan

    positive review  They were fast and efficient. Excellent service. I will be using them again in the future.

  • Andrew Birch AvatarAndrew Birch

    positive review  Excellent, profession services! Recommended

    Jeremy Menefee AvatarJeremy Menefee

    positive review  Courtney is always available to answer questions, and the range of promotional services offered by Fiction-Atlas Press is impressive. With reasonable prices, they still try to go above and beyond for clients. With so many sharks swimming around, it's refreshing to find honest, hard-working service providers like Courtney and Fiction-Atlas.

  • Charissa Dufour AvatarCharissa Dufour

    positive review  LOVE Fiction-Atlas Press! I have had nothing but great results!

    Author Katie Cherry AvatarAuthor Katie Cherry

    positive review  I've honestly been recommending this left and right. Best I've ever found for growing lists. Every builder is fantastic and reasonably priced. Courtney works hard and is the perfect professional. Fiction-Atlas Press is the only reason I have a newsletter with a list big enough to be worth sending out emails, and I've only done a couple of builders and a couple of fairs.

    Step one of treating writing as a business is to have a good following, on a newsletter or other social media. If I hadn't found this, I don't know that I'd be able to make it...
    read more

  • Nadine Travers AvatarNadine Travers

    positive review  Excellent service... I love to work with her. That was easy and friendly. For sure I will work again with her... I recommend to all people that need her service 🙂

    Shelly Wise AvatarShelly Wise

    positive review  *** As a reviewwe, Beta-reader promoter and PA I have had nothing but exceptional experience's with Fictio-Atlas.
    Finding a company who actually has your back, support's the Author's & help's those who are new to the Industry, is very unusual, these guy's will help through each step of the way.with everything you need.

  • Alexis Samson AvatarAlexis Samson

    positive review  Every time I've joined a promotion I've seen amazing results. Very good prices considering what you get out of it. Fiction-Atlas Press is a goldmine for authors! Only regret is that I didn't discover it sooner 😂

    Rebekah Dodson AvatarRebekah Dodson

    positive review  Courtney is the best thing that happened to me as an author, and I can't stress that enough!! After 2 years publishing with no reach and hardly any sales, Courtney pulled out all the stops and created a beautiful cover and book trailer that shot my books to #10 on Amazon's Top books, and even made me a local celebrity. If you want a professional service, amazing graphic and tech skills, this is the person to contact!

  • Dale Graniello Benson AvatarDale Graniello Benson

    positive review  5 star rating all the way. Her work is excellent and she knows what she is doing.

    Jason Winn AvatarJason Winn

    positive review  Fiction Atlas grew my social media following from nothing to a reach of thousands of people. You cannot beat their service for the price.

  • Marketta Sowers AvatarMarketta Sowers

    positive review  Her marketing skills are on point. I don't know how she does it!

    Shanda Miller AvatarShanda Miller

    positive review  This is one of THE BEST services out there! I've had so much success with Courtney and her builders & services! If she offers something, I am on it-- no questions asked. Because it works! It all works! Don't even hesitate to book anything she offers! She delivers!

  • Melissa G. McPhail AvatarMelissa G. McPhail

    positive review  I've had great success using Courtney's list building services. Amazing return on investment!

    Chariss K. Walker AvatarChariss K. Walker

    positive review  Courtney's BookBub builder took me from about 60 followers to almost 600! It was great! Thank you, Courtney Cannon

  • Jennifer Laslie AvatarJennifer Laslie

    positive review  I recently signed up for a BookBub Builder with Fiction-Atlas (Courtney). I started out with about 521 followers on BookBub. By the end of the builder I was close to 900, meaning I got about roughly 360ish followers from the builder. I was ecstatic! I'll definitely use their services again. I just signed up for a NL builder today! Can't wait!

    Tabi Slick AvatarTabi Slick

    positive review  Great for building your newsletter and finding new ways to promotyoir work. Would highly recommend to all authors!

  • Alexis Marrero Deese AvatarAlexis Marrero Deese

    positive review  Currently doing a pre-sale launch with Fiction- Atlas and loving my results! I definitely recommend to authors who are looking to gain some traction.

    Lilly Brock AvatarLilly Brock

    I'm so happy I chose Courtney Cannon to edit my manuscript. She did an amazing job. She was thorough and even finished a day ahead of schedule. I especially appreciate her teaching skills when she explained why a certain change was made, and the personal comments she made about how she enjoyed a certain passage. To top it off, she is extremely reasonable. Don't let her price fool you, you're getting more than your money's worth! I will be using Courtney again for my upcoming novel.

  • Trish Beninato AvatarTrish Beninato

    Best release I’ve ever had! I recommend using Courtney and Fiction Atlas for all your book related needs. She is the best hands down. I highly recommend!

    Emma Hamm AvatarEmma Hamm

    positive review  Absolutely had a wonderful experience with a Book Release launch party! Even though I hosted myself, Courtney was there through the entire experience to make sure any questions I had were answered, any worries were fixed, and if anything was broken, she immediately took care of it. I was thoroughly impressed with how smooth this went, and it was a wonderful success. Thank you thank you! Will be returning. <3

  • Dave Walsh AvatarDave Walsh

    positive review  Fiction-Atlas builders have spoiled me. Any time I try someone else's service I'm sorely disappointed. I've yet to be disappointed with a Fiction-Atlas builder or giveaway.

    Connie Spencer AvatarConnie Spencer

    positive review  Tell her what you want done and she will produce it! Very satisfied customer!

  • Rosa Marchisella AvatarRosa Marchisella

    positive review  Effective, creative, and affordable ✨

    Lela Grayce AvatarLela Grayce

    positive review  I released my debut novel this past week and I can honestly say that it wouldn’t have done nearly as well as it had without Courtney’s help! I’ve been a silent stalker of Fiction-Atlas for well over a year. I watched what she did and the authors she went above and beyond for and I knew that I wanted that sort of support for my first book baby �� I wanted Areion to have the best release it had so much more success than I thought possible. I highly recommend Courtney and her services! If you have questions send me... read more

  • Jennifer Moore AvatarJennifer Moore

    positive review  The service and communication from Courtney was mind blowing wonderful. It build a confidence and trust that a price can't be placed on. She's edited my book, created the book cover and provided me with invaluable guidance concerning my good and bad writing habits. I have and will continue to suggest her to others as well as looking forward to work with her again on my future projects. I can't thank you enough 🙂

    Sabrina Ramoth AvatarSabrina Ramoth

    positive review  My website was in need of a little updating and lucky for me, I found Fiction-Atlas Press. Working with Courtney was fantastic, she made the process so easy and I LOVE the finished product. I highly recommend this company for anyone needing a website. 5 STARS!!! Thank you Courtney!

  • Jen Deslaurier AvatarJen Deslaurier

    positive review  I was looking for help promoting my first book, and had no idea where to start. Courtney was so easy to work with and had so many great ideas! She also helped me navigate the process of publication as a newbie. I've already hired her to help with my next book, and am looking forward to the process. 10/10 would absolutely recommend!

    Mark Johnson AvatarMark Johnson

    positive review  She's effective and she's creative. Constantly engaging with membership.

  • Shaun Griffiths AvatarShaun Griffiths

    positive review  Ms Cannon pulled out all the stops to help with a rush formatting job I needed to be finished like yesterday. The lady is a pleasure to work with, accommodating, resourceful and artistic with suggestions. More than happy with the finished product and considering the time taken to complete, the cost was very reasonable.
    Thank you Ms Cannon. Happy to recommend your services.

    Joanie Chevalier AvatarJoanie Chevalier

    positive review  Courtney and I worked together to make a cover for my book and several banners. She is absolutely the best person to with: very giving, full of great ideas, and she gave 100 percent until I was fully satisfied. A great experience.

  • Tiger Hebert AvatarTiger Hebert

    positive review  The BookBub builder has been great, helping me more than double my followers on the site!

    Paris Hansch AvatarParis Hansch

    positive review  Fantastic service. Barely had to do anything and got 490 subscribers at 5c per lead 🙂

  • Krys Parisi AvatarKrys Parisi

    positive review  Courtney knows her stuff! I gave her complete freedom with my video project and the final product exceeded my expectations! It was eye-catching, colorful, and just what I needed. I'll be hiring her again for my upcoming projects.

    Lily Luchesi AvatarLily Luchesi

    positive review  Love Fiction-Atlas! I have joined numerous builders and have never once been disappointed in the results. I have built my newsletter with subscribers who actively WANT to be there, and recommend them to all of my clients.

  • Lauren Ashlee Elliott AvatarLauren Ashlee Elliott

    positive review  Courtney is extremely talented and diligent in her work, and I would highly recommend her services. 5 stars all the way.

    Krystal Runkis-Pena AvatarKrystal Runkis-Pena

    positive review  I was in a fantasy builder (LOTR NL builder) that roped over 1000 subscribers and 80% of then are still on my list months later, interested in both my books and ones I feature by others in the genre. I started at zero and now have over 3600 subscribers; at least 85% of them are from Courtney's builders.

    I have done Bookbub builders here too, starting at zero followers and now I have almost 1100, 97% of them readers from these builders.

    Courtney and Amber are super nice and I can't say enough great things about them. I was very pleased with...
    read more

  • Aimee Shaye AvatarAimee Shaye

    positive review  Since working with Fiction-Atlas Press from May 2020 til now, I have seen a huge increase in my reader base and engagement. When I first came to Fiction Atlas, I had 26 newsletter subscribers and 20 readers in my group, since working with Fiction Atlas, I have gained 1,623 subscribers with a 40% open rate and a 10% click rate and 400 group members. I know those are not the best numbers but they’re stellar for the short amount of time it took! The best part? Those are readers who WANT to be here! They’re readers who were specifically targeted... read more

    Megan Chapman AvatarMegan Chapman

    positive review  Courtney is the best. She helped me make a better book launch than I could've ever planned alone. She went above and beyond on everything and helped me correct many mistakes that I made before hiring her. Definitely a 5 star service.