We make marketing easy. Hire us for your Facebook launch parties, to grow your social media presence, or to spread the word about your new release! Get better results by catering to readers with similar interests. Our social reach is extensive, organic, and targeted.

Order any of these P.R. packages by using the contact form here: https://fiction-atlas.com/contact-me/

Pre-order package

This package can be booked for pre-orders only. The book must be marketable with a good cover. I do not market Erotica or books with explicit images on the cover. A minimum of 4 weeks is required to book this package. This can be 4 weeks before your book is set to publish or 2 weeks before your book is set to launch plus the release week and the week after. I suggest a time frame of 4-8 weeks for optimal results. 

The following are included in this package:

  • General advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • 1 viral tweet (50 or more RTs)
  • 1 animated GIF featuring your book cover
  • Universal link creation
  • 1 Pre-order contest (You provide the prizes. I can help you find the perfect prizes to offer on a  budget.)
  • Social media profile promotion (gain likes, follows, subscribers)
  • Newsletter swap/feature arrangement
  • Coaching on the best paid and free advertisements and techniques for your genre

This package is $60 per week. This can be paid weekly via invoice or in a one-time payment.


Facebook Parties/Events

Facebook events are a great way to market your book and your author brand.

Here are the services I provide for each party:

I design graphics for the header photo and the welcome and thank you posts.
I also track down authors that would like to participate in the event and schedule takeovers.
I can set up a Rafflecopter giveaway and give away some prizes that will attract people to the party and make them more aware of your book. (See Rafflecopter)

I can also actually host the party, and then you don’t have to do anything at all unless you want to do a takeover slot. This would include me coordinating with the authors and making sure that everyone is there when they are scheduled. I will also introduce them and then thank them at the end of their takeover slot.

For the party, I charge $100 for setup. If you want me to host the party, it’s $10 for every hour I host. I can do parties for up to 3 days. 10 hours a day is the most I am able to schedule.

The last two parties I threw, had over 300 in attendance, and my clients were very pleased with the results. If you’d like to talk to some of them, I can put you in contact with Melissa E. Beckwith or Cassandra Penticoff.

My own launch party that I did for my anthology had over 440 in attendance.
I invite the maximum number of friends, which is 500 people to every event I host. I also have a secondary account I invite from. I then advertise on various Facebook groups and social media profiles.


Giveaways are a great way to network with other authors and to grow your social media presence or newsletter list. Each giveaway I host involves me giving away a Kindle or a gift card to Amazon, plus a few copies of your book (You can let me know if you’d like to do ebook or physical signed copies.) Prizes can be furnished by me through crowdfunding with the exception of the book or books you would like to give away, or you can furnish the prices so that every action within the rafflecopter is about you and your book, not other authors. The giveaway will also automatically include promotion for your book, and promotion of your social media and/or newsletter. This serivice is $25.

Social Invites/Growth

I specialize in Facebook page invites, but I can do growth campaigns for other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Facebook page invites are non-invasive. You just send me your page URL, and I send out 500 invites each time you wish to hire me. For Twitter and Instagram, I will need to log into your account and follow other members to grow your following. I do this by following influencers in your genre and potential fans who have a targeted interest in the subject of your books.

Facebook invites are $5 per 500 invites and can be purchased up to 10 times.

Twitter and Instagram growth campaigns are $10 per 300 followers. I can do these up to 10 times as well.

Social Media Management

If you’d like some help keeping your Facebook page fresh or maybe some tweets or Instagram posts that will grab your audience’s attention, I can help you with that. I will make daily relevant posts to your social outlet that will engage your followers. I will also promote your books and related links to make sure no one forgets why they liked your page to start with.

I charge $25 a week for this service. That includes 10-15 posts total during the 7-day span.

Street Team Management

I will organize, and post daily in your street team. I will seek out new members for your team. I can host takeover events inside your group and play games or set up giveaways. I can also recruit ARC members from inside your group. It will be my job to make sure that everyone is having a good time and are reminded of your ongoing projects as well as your backlist.

I charge $25 a week for this service. That includes 10-15 posts total during the 7-day span.

Thunderclap, Daycause or Nouncy Campaigns

I can organize, set up, advertise, and make sure your Thunderclap, Daycause, Nouncy (or any other similar company) campaigns to promote your new releases, re-releases, price promotion, or any message you want to blast to the masses!

I charge $15 to setup and get at least 50 supporters. $5 more dollars for Thunderclaps which require 100 supporters.

General Advertising

This would include me posting in over 100 groups multiple times throughout the week, posting to Twitter, Instagram, and encouraging people to buy on my author page, publishing page, and personal page. I charge $35 for 7 days. If you need me to make graphics, I can do those for $5 per graphic to help you promote. The graphics would be yours to use as you please after my promotions end. I have a pretty large network of authors, bloggers, and readers.

Cover Reveals/Release Blitz

For all new releases and discounted books, I will organize cover reveal and release blitz posts with bloggers and distribute pdfs to each participating blogger being sure to follow up with them to make sure they have posted the information by the scheduled time and date.

These services start at $20 and increase depending on the target number of bloggers wanted and the number of services requested.

Teaser Graphics

I can make you teaser graphics for use as promotional materials for your books. These start at $5 and can get up to $15 depending on the complexity of the design. This does not include the $2.50 charge for each stock image I use. I can also pull from free images if you would like.

P.R Manager Packages

Package one is a starter pack and includes Facebook group advertisement and ongoing Facebook page invites. This package is $50 for one week of service.

Package two is an intermediate package which includes Facebook group advertisement, Facebook page invites, and your choice of social media management or street team management. $100 for one week of service.

Package three is the elite package and includes broad social media advertisement, Facebook page invites, social media management, street team management, up to 3 teasers, and one Thunderclap campaign.  This package is $200 for one week of service.

We can customize these packages to suit your needs. Let me know if you have any questions at all.