Fourth Earth Release Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of the fourth book in The Arch Mage series, Fourth Earth, by Cami Murdock Jensen, we’re giving away signed paperbacks of books 1-4, plus a magical creatures sticker pack, a siren song candle, and a fantasy bookmark!

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About Fourth Earth



A shattered prophecy. A siren queen ravaged by insanity. Can a courageous young woman unite warring factions before the universe is enslaved?

Agnes Anne Cavanaugh desperately seeks to bring peace to her friend’s beloved Fourth Earth. But with magic dwindling from the planet, she scrambles to convince rival contingents to put down their weapons. And when her powerful boyfriend’s magic mysteriously fades, he slips into a depression. While he keeps saying nothing’s wrong, she’s supposed to not worry about him and still stop certain planetary doom?

To make matters worse, Sharir the Endless, master to the previously defeated dragon of manipulation, is enraged by her prior success. The time for subtlety is past and he joins the fray himself, devastating the lives of billions.

Destiny can take many paths, but only one leads to peace. A single mistake and Agnes will fail to stop Sharir from enslaving the universe, losing all that is dear to her.

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