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Mara Collier wants nothing more than to choose her own friends, stay out of trouble, and grow old in her own good time. In a critically over-populated and under-resourced Atlanta of the near future, even these small expectations prove to be too much to ask.

Wake to Wander follows the unexpected and unwelcome odyssey of a woman determined to sleepwalk her way through the apocalypse. Torn from the habits and routines that kept her sane, Mara is propelled into a world of dangerous relationships and the violent evolution of a brand new species, possibly the only species capable of saving a dying Earth.

But will the Stewards destroy humanity in the process or will they rush Mara and her city forward into the dawn of a new age?


Enter to win a paperback of your choice plus an awesome Wake To Wander Swag Pack!

This swag pack includes:

One paperback of the winner’s choice, one 25-sheet custom bookmark notepad, A Nuka Cola Checkers game, and one bibliophile candle!



Plus, there are several other ways you can enter, including some daily tasks!

Wake to Wander Giveaway

1 thought on “Wake To Wander Giveaway!

  1. Lacey Waters Reply

    I just finished Wake to Wander, it was so good! Unique story and well written.

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