Merlin Launch Event

Join Fantasy author Rebekah Dodson and guest authors to celebrate the release of the fourth book in The Curse of Lanval series, Merlin.

The party will begin at 12 p.m. EST August 22nd on Facebook and last until 10 p.m. August 23rd.

You may attend by visiting the Fiction-Atlas Press hosted event below.

We’ll be playing games, learning about some amazing fantasy and paranormal authors, and of course, talking about the epic conclusion of The Curse of Lanval series!

Cover and editing by Fiction-Atlas Press!

MERLIN is now LIVE and available for Preorder for 99c!

You probably won’t like my story. Heck, I’m not sure if I… oh, nevermind. It’s 1155 A.D. and my sister Jules and I are trapped in medieval France. My name is Guillaume Lanval, and I’ve just lost the love of my life. I had to send Marie away; I had to save her life. But now she’s gone, and I’m a wreck. I’ve made a terrible mistake.

Today is the day we travel to London for the coronation. We’re about to meet a man on the road who will change our lives forever. There are some evil things brewing around me, and it’s up to me to save the world again with a little help from a band of magical Druids.

This is the story of how I saved the kingdom, got the girl, and fought alongside the greatest wizard the world has ever known. And you know what? This whole thing is definitely, really, actually my fault.


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