Current Schedule

Want to know what I’m working on and when I will complete it? Here is my current schedule.

ClientTitleType of ServiceWord CountDeadline
Rebekah DodsonMarieCover Design- Front, Back, Spine--01.02.2017
Bobby FisherEwyn: A Thief's FortuneCopy Edit7k01.03.2017
Rebekah DodsonMarieCopy Edit34k01.06.2017
Beverly KnauerThe Line BetweenPrint & Ebook Formatting83k01.07.2017
Robert J. KaneDeath of a WallflowerCover Design- Front, Back, Spine--01.10.2017
Courtney RoweThe Shenandoah CompoundCopy Edit12k01.22.2017
Joanie ChevalierHeads Will RollCover Design-Ebook--01.23.2017
Janae KeyesPast TransgressionsCover Design- Front, Back, Spine--01.28.2017
Matt McCoySlain in the Spirit Copy Edit5k01.30.2017
Kay ReneeSampleSample Edit2k01.30.2017
Shannon YoungbloodTrappedCover Design- Front, Back, Spine--02.01.2017
Joanie ChevalierHeads Will RollFB and Twitter Banner with 3-d mockup--02.06.2017
Nile TracerUntitled Sequel Copy Edit85k02.10.2017
A.C JadeThe Foreigner Print Formatting65k02.13.2017
D.A. SteinThe Unknown GhostCopy Edit8k02.16.2017
Raylene DemeesterIt's Never Water Under the BridgeCopy Edit64k02.17.2017
Lilly BrockEver A Solider Copy Edit33k02.18.2017
Jill Kiesow Veteran
She Kept Going
Copy Edit2.8k02.19.2017
J.M. AmesOnly the Dead Go FreeCopy Edit4k02.22.2017
Rebekah DodsonMagic: The Curse of Lanval book 3Cover Design- Front, Back, Spine--02.25.2017
Rebekah DodsonMagic: The Curse of Lanval book 3Copy Edit50k02.25.2017
Janae Keyes and Deliaria Davis,Pleasing the ProfessorCopy Edit70k02.26.2017
Rick RobersonThe Nautical Tale of ApplesCopy Edit60k02.28.2017
Sandra Joines Shoe In the RoadCover Design- Front, Back, Spine--03.30.2017
Kristin Holsman-FrancoeurThe Phone CallCopy Edit110k04.07.2017
Melissa BeckwithThe War of the GypsyCopy Edit65k04.30.2017
Melissa BeckwithThe War of the GypsyCover Design- Front, Back, Spine--04.30.2017
Anna B. DoeLost and FoundCopy Edit88kMarch
Deliaria DavisSnowed InCopy Edit50kMarch
Kimberly GordonWilde in the HeartCopy Edit120kApril
Rebekah DodsonMirrorsBook Trailer--April
Sofia Nitchie FreedomCopy Edit80kTBD
Sofia NitchieFreedomCover Design-Back, Spine Only--TBD
Justin FrappierOakwood AcademyCopy Edit55kTBD
Josephine Harwood Dark SecretsCover Design- Front, Back, Spine--TBD
Denise LewisTBDCopy Edit65kTBD
Eve MurdenBroken SoulsCover Design- Front, Back, Spine--TBD
Eve MurdenBroken SoulsCover Design- Back, Spine Only60kTBD
Janae KeyesWhen the Lights Go OutCover Design- Back, Spine OnlyTBDTBD
Janae KeyesWould Smell As SweetCopy Edit72kTBD
Vicki WilliamsCitrus Beach MysteriesBook Trailer--TBD
Alison Baillie-TaylorSewing the Shadows TogetherBook Trailer--TBD
Jack SteeleLoose CanonBook Trailer--TBD
Tracy ToddThe Seventh of The SeventhBook Trailer--TBD
Eva Jordan183 Times A YearBook Trailer--TBD
Linda HuberWard ZeroBook Trailer--TBD
Tara LyonsIn the ShadowsBook Trailer--TBD
Peter BestThe Burden of TruthBook Trailer--TBD
Chelle GriffithThe Gilded ShackleBook Trailer--TBD