A review tour is a great way to gain more reviews for your book. At Fiction-Atlas we have a large team of avid readers from all genres who are willing to read a free copy of your book in exchange for an honest review.

Who decides which reviewers read my book?

The beautiful thing about having a large team is that we have readers who are interested in many different genres. Reviewers choose which books they want to request. They do this by first looking at the cover and blurb of the book, so they are browsing books just as they would in a bookstore or library. This means they are reading what appeals to them, not what they are assigned! This makes a big difference when it comes to their enthusiasm to read!

Are reviews guaranteed?

Fiction-Atlas can guarantee to do their very best to get at least 10-20 people who read your genre to download your book and read. We cannot guarantee a review from every person who downloads.  We will keep promoting until at least half of the readers have reviewed. In most instances, 98% of those who sign up will review. Those who sign up and who do not review will lose the privilege of requesting any further books. Fiction-Atlas regularly checks in with reviewers to note their progress and to remind them of upcoming reviews that may be due.

What about verified reviews?

If reviewers decide to buy your book after they read, it will be listed as verified as long as they buy before they review. Otherwise, it will not receive the verified review title. One way to get around this is to do a free promotion on your book during the review tour.  Fiction-Atlas can promote the book to our team on the free day(s) and have some reviewers download directly from Amazon, which will make their reviews verified. Since the tour lasts longer than a title is allowed to be discounted (unless permafree) you will still need to provide a copy of your book for any reviewer who requests after the free date(s).

Do I have to schedule a free promotion on Amazon?

No. That is only for clients who would like some verified reviews. You may send the book in .mobi and .epub format via email, Instafreebie, Bookfunnel, etc.

What value do reviews hold?

Review thresholds are important when it comes to advertisement. After you receive 20-25 reviews your title will be advertised more prominently in the also boughts section.

After 50 reviews are left you title will be featured in Amazon’s customer newsletters.

What genres do you provide this service for?

Fiction-Atlas works with all genres of fiction. However, some genres do better than others.

How long does the tour last?

Eight to ten weeks. Reviewers can request the book for the first six weeks. Then they have until the last week to post their review. If a book does not have enough readers by the last week, I may extend the tour until the review goal is met.

What about accountability?

You will be sent a spreadsheet at the end of the tour with links to all reviews and demographics on the reviewers if they choose to disclose that info.

You will also be updated periodically during the tour when new reviews are posted.

How much does it cost?

$50 per book.

Are reviewers being paid?

These reviewers are not paid. They simply love to read. paying reviewers is against Amazon’s ToS, not to mention, unethical.

Who is being paid and why?

You are paying Fiction-Atlas to cultivate the review team. Post the book details (buy links, promotional dates, author’s social media links, blurb, genre, book cover, teasers, trailer etc.), create and manage a sign-up sheet, make graphics to promote the book, coordinate with the reviewers to obtain demographic information and contact information, send out the book to the reviewers who sign up, and to follow up on review due dates to make sure all reviews are posted on time. Most of all, you are paying for the time it takes to do all of the above!

How do I get started?

Fill out the form below. You will then be invoiced and sent a questionnaire to fill out about the specifics of your book and what materials will be needed.